GeoEdu 1.31

Test your geography knowledge


  • Lots of depth
  • Allows you to learn by region
  • Voyage option is excellent
  • Provides stats on your performances


  • Error message pop-ups during configuration


If you don't know your Libya from your Lebanon, or your Berlin from your Brussels then GeoEdu is a neat way to brush up on your geography skills.

GeoEdu is an atlas complete with geographic data from many different continents, countries, and oceans. It helps you to learn the people, language, size, and location of any country and its flag. GeoEdu is also useful for helping you learn what geographical terms refer to. For example, it helps you to learn the difference between a region and a dependency, a state and a country, and other basic terms that you need to be familiar with. In this way, it's suitable for both kids needing to learn more about the world, and adults who have forgotten a lot of elementary geography.

The most useful learning tool is the Quiz mode that allows you to test your knowledge. The developer claims that there are over 10,000 questions in there. You can pick from eight types of question and choose the countries that you want to focus on (although this trial only allows you to choose the American continent), and even select regions within each country. Most interesting is the 'Voyage' options, which allow you to physically take a journey across borders while learning and answering questions along the way.

While GeoEdu is an excellent learning application, technically it leaves a lot to be desired. I was constantly plagued by a 'The file cannot be modified' warning that popped up several times before I'd even configured the program - and similar error messages appeared while I was using it.

GeoEdu is an excellent learning tool, especially for teenagers and young adults, although it needs some technical bugs ironing out before it really impresses.



GeoEdu 1.31

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